Enrichment for when merchant is not identified

Enriching Merchant Descriptions (even when the merchant is not found)

For transactions where MRS is unable to identify the merchant there is an option to clean the merchant description and categorise the transaction.

  • Consider this a “backup” option for when MRS is unable to identify a merchant.

  • It provides some “cleaning” of the Merchant Description when a match is not found.

Example input merchant descriptionExample cleaned result

JOHN’S BOAT HOUSE 5671121110

John’s Boat House


Snowdrop Restaurant And Pool Hall

  • When an MCC Code is provided in the request then the response will also include Categorisation.

  • This means that a transaction can be categorised even in cases where the Merchant was not identified.


We use the parameter clearResponse and show the isclearResponse field in the response to show the above behavior.

Input Parameter

clearResponse is an optional parameter. If this is set to true, even if we cannot find the merchant, we will attempt to clean up the transaction/add categorization as above. This is set to true by default.

Response Field

For MRS Responses where we did not find a merchant, but were still cleaned up in this way, will have the isClearResponse flag set to true in the response.

More in the OpenAPI Docs.

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