Google Maps

Many of our customers display details of the merchant on a Detail page, with a Google Map showing the location of the merchant (see Recommended UX).

Map loads on mobile can be addressed via Google Maps APIs or Google Maps SDKs.

Two basic types of map presentation are offered

  • Static Maps - single image is presented

  • Dynamic Maps - interactive map which can be panned and zoomed

Using Google Maps API calls

  • Incurs a cost per call

  • Dynamic Maps cost more than Static Maps

  • Snowdrop can help model the costs.

  • Generally speaking calls are free and unlimited if you use the SDK (both Dynamic and Static).

    • Avoid the use of a Map ID when loading the map. As per this price list: Link

  • SDK automatically handles access to Google Maps servers, map display, and response to user gestures

  • When using the SDK it is best practice to restrict the API key to just map Map calls. Here is a blog post.

  • The SDKs are created and supported by Google but Snowdrop can assist with questions and support as well.

Further Recommendations

  • Use Static Maps when only displaying the Merchant

  • Use the Mobile Maps SDK if possible

Google Maps SDK for Android

Google Maps SDK for iOS

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