About Google Maps IDs

Response Parameter: place_id

Each entry in the Google Places database is assigned a Place ID.

Place IDs are unique identifiers.

Place IDs are only returned when an extended call is made and a result is obtained from Google Places. See Restrictive vs Extended.

Place IDs can be used to obtain other information about the place.

Place IDs can be cached indefinitely.

Example Place ID

Here is an example response with the place_id highlighted


"address": "207 Edgware Rd, Tyburnia, London W2 1ES, UK",

"categories": [



"category": "Eating out",

"name": "Starbucks",

"website": "www.starbucks.com",

"country": "United Kingdom",

"postal_code": "W2 1ES",

"place_id": "ChIJG2-uP7QadkgR6sN3Fcgg2X0",

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