Payment Intermediaries

This pertains to when a payment intermediary is involved in a transaction, such as Paypal or Alipay. MRS attempts to find the merchant involved in the transaction. For example if the merchant description is ‘Paypal* McDonalds’ then MRS will return ‘McDonalds’. If MRS cannot find the merchant then it returns Paypal (and the Paypal logo, website, etc.)

An additional, separate return field allows MRS to also return the payment intermediary even when the merchant is found. So in the example above, MRS will return McDonalds but will also return Paypal separately.

Note: This is a configuration setting which is off by default. When turned on, the additional payment company information will be included in the response. Contact us if you wish to enable this functionality.

This capability can be considered if it is thought that displaying both the merchant and the payment intermediary is a desirable experience in the application.

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