MRS Terms of Service

Data Caching

  • Snowdrop data can be cached on a per Transaction basis for up to 7 Years

    • A transaction is defined as a unit of Purchase related activity by an Individual Consumer at a Specific Time and Place

  • Google Maps data can be cached in line with the Google Maps Terms of Service (further details can be found in Google Maps Terms of Service )

    • Data received from an extended Call will be a combination of information that belongs to Snowdrop and Google Maps

  • 3rd Parties

    • With the exception of cardholders, cached information cannot be shared with third parties unless required by applicable laws or regulations or Snowdrop has provided written consent

  • Similar services

    • No data may be used to build a similar service to MRS


The MRS Response includes a cachePolicy value to show which category a data field is in.

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